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Webservices for umbraco

With all needed webservices implemented, Umbraco opens up strong remoting-features that can be used from other websites, or even from Windows forms. Integration from other systems should be as simple as writing a few lines of code. For an example, take a look at the Visual Studio Addin for umbraco that uses the webservices for editing content on a umbraco-site.

This section is meant to be used for documenting how the webservices are structured, and how they are used.

Release information

The webservices will be included in Umbraco 3.0. They can currently be downloaded together with the sourcecode for 3.0

Contained services

The first planned release contains memberService, documentService and fileService. Hopefully the future services below, will be added before the final release.

Future webservices

The next services to add are mediaService, stylesheetService and templateService. Other useful services, extensions to existing are appreciated! Please state them in the comments!

Development tips

If you plan on editing or adding to the webservices-library to umbraco, read Webservices for developers

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