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Known issues in Umbraco 4 Beta 2

The best way to see all known issues is to use the advanced search function in the Issue Tracker, but this page will focus on the current major known issues in Beta 2. As they're solved, their status on this page will be updated:

Tinymce is upgraded to Tinymce3 in Umbraco 4, but the "old" one still exists in the distribution until the upgrade is complete. If the issues below affects your development, you can switch back to tinymce2 by going to Developer -> Data Types -> Richtext Editor -> Select "tinyMCE wysiwyg (deprecated...)" as the render control. After that, edit /config/tinymce.config and uncomment the umbracomacro plugin in the bottom of the file and then restart the app pool / website
TinyMCE3 is now feature complete, no more issues remaining

Live Editing:
  • Live Editing is missing the Macro Container data type
  • Live Editing needs UI Polish
  • Live Editing can get confused and locked when it thinks it's editing an item it's not

  • Update Intro texts in the UI
  • Make sure that keys behave the same in all dialogs (ie. Enter = confirm, ESC = close window, CTRLS for save in all settingsdeveloper)

Fixed after beta 2 release:
  • FIXED Live Editing and TinyMCE: Selecting and deselecting and selecting tinymce again causes live edit to freeze. Selecting a tinymce, deselecting, selecting a textbox, deselecting and selecting tinymce again works
  • FIXED Live Editing and TinyMCE: Menus (context menus and menus in the toolbar) causes liveedit to loose focus and skips editing (goes back to preview
  • FIXED TinyMCE3 needs UI Polish
  • FIXED TinyMCE3 doesn't handle clean up of pasted dirty HTML correctly
  • FIXED All hardcoded values in the back office UI needs to be replaced with translatable items
  • FIXED TinyMCE3 lacks style insertion
  • FIXED TinyMCE3 doesn't re-scale images server side
  • FIXED TinyMCE3 doesn't update internal links correctly (including media items)
  • FIXED Live Editing is still experimental (all controls except upload is now confirmed working in both FF3 and IE7+)
  • FIXED Removal of publish permissions on users doesn't work
  • FIXED The tree has random refreshing issues (especially in IE) with updates and can go in an infinite loop
  • FIXED TinyMCE3 removes macros on save
  • FIXED TinyMCE3 lacks an Insert Macro function
  • FIXED VistaDB isn't completely integrated
  • FIXED MySQL is still only experimental, might need an updated db schema
  • FIXED There's still quirks in the back office UI when using Webkit based browsers (Safari and Chrome)
  • FIXED umbraco.cms.businesslogic.web.DocumentType.getGetAll() has changed signature causing packages to break (will be reverted) (fixed in changeset 42898 / nightly build on Nov 4_)
  • FIXED Non ANSI-characters are saved incorrectly in masterpages due to UTF-8 bug (can be resolved by opening file in a texteditor and save as UTF-8)

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agerman77 Feb 6, 2011 at 4:23 PM 
Help please!!!

Publishing doesnt work. I just downloaded the latest version, installed the database, created some pages and everything ok. The problem is at publishing: Pages are all blank. What do I have to do to make this work?

Thanks in advance,