This is the list of known issues in the Umbraco CMS 5 Beta 1 release

  • Supported db's in Beta 1: Sql Server 2008 & SqlCe 4
  • It is highly recommended to use Sql Server 2008 (Express, Standard, etc...) instead of SqlCe 4 for the Beta 1 release as the new permissions queries have not been optimized yet so the back office tends to run a bit slow on SqlCe 4.
  • Custom connection strings in the Installer only work if you use SQL Server at the moment
  • If you choose SQL Server, Umbraco 5 only supports 2008 onwards but we don’t give you a friendly notice if you try on 2005 yet.
  • Removing a property from a doctype that has some content throws a YSOD
  • You cannot currently create Packages in the back-office UI, but you can create packages using the Nuget Package Explorer and install them via the packaging UI
  • Packages currently do not support packaging any content, media, macros or any other Umbraco entity
  • Only some text has been 'Localized' many labels, etc... are not being processed by the engine
  • Beta 1 does support Medium Trust but it is very close! There's only one issue to resolve which we've already begun work on.
  • Cannot copy content nodes to the absolute root node, currently displays a YSOD
  • Tree does not update after sort operation
  • When creating saving new content, the tree node is re-selected and re-loaded

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