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This page is work in progress, but so far here's the codex for submitting code:

Prior to submitting code:

  • Create a work item in the issuetracker. When multiple people are working on a project, we need an easy way to keep track of progress. Creating a work item ensures that you can couple a commit to one or more working items

When submitting code:

  • Mark one or more work items. Make sure to either choose associate or resolve when choosing a work item
  • Leave a comment. Less is better than nothing. The combination of marking work items and leaving a comment make it easy to follow progress on the "Source Code" status page, without a need of doing time-consuming diffs. Even a "same as last time" is better than leaving the comment field blank.

When done submitting code:

  • Smile - give yourself credit. You deserve it :-)

WIP - coding guidelines for 3.x:

- Client Code
- Client Server communication (ajax)
- Serverside code; Model View Presenter pattern and Masterpages

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I cannot connect to codeplex using TFS ? ... And I have 10000 issues to solve... Any idea ?